Congratulations, Qianyu!!

Qianyu Feng has won the Jacobs Dean’s Prize 2018 for the best Bachelor thesis in the focus area Health. She performed BSc research in the laboratory of Prof. U. Kortz and the title of her thesis is “Synthesis and Characterization of (a) Cubic Polyoxopalladate-Based Metal-Organic Framework and (b) Wheel-Shaped 27-Tungsto-3-Arsenate(III), [K(AsW8O30)3(WO(H2O))3]14-”. She is the coauthor of one publication: Selective Rb+ vs K+ Guest Incorporation in Wheel-Shaped 27-Tungsto-3-Arsenate(III) Host, [M{(β-AsIIIW8O30)(WO(H2O))}3]14-(M = K, Rb), Kandasamy, B.; Sudmeier, T.; Ayass, W. W.; Lin, Z.; Feng, Q.; Bassil, B. S.; Kortz, U. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2018. After graduation at Jacobs this summer Qianyu has now left Bremen in order to pursue graduate studies in Chemistry at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.