Chinese honor for Jacobs professor Ulrich Kortz

Ulrich Kortz and Guoxiang Zhao

Ulrich Kortz, Professor of Chemistry at Jacobs University, has been appointed as ‘Guest Professor of Henan Province’ by Henan University in Kaifeng, China. He is the first German professor to receive the honor.

December 12, 2013During a recent research stay at the Chinese university, Prof. Kortz was presented with the prestigious award by Guoxiang Zhao, President of Henan University. He also gave a lecture on ‘Selected Aspects of Polyoxometalate Chemistry’ during his latest visit.

Prof. Kortz has held strong ties with Henan University since 2011 . Last year, he was already appointed as “Foreign Expert” by the institution. His academic host at Henan University was Professor Jingyang Niu, Dean of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Henan University is one of the leading academic institutes in Henan province.

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