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Noble Metalate Bowl: The Polyoxo-6-Vanado(V)-7-Palladate(II) [Pd7V6O24(OH)2]6-

Izarova, N. V.; Vankova, N.; Banerjee, A.; Jameson, G. B.; Heine, T.; Schinle, F.; Hampe, O.; Kortz, U. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49, 7807-7811. [Read Online]


Nobly born: The bowl-shaped noble metalate [PdII7VV6O24(OH)2]6−(Pd7V6) comprises seven square-planar PdIIO4 units as well as four tetrahedral VVO4 and two square-pyramidal VVO5 addenda units (see picture). The solution stability of Pd7V6 has been demonstrated by 51V NMR spectroscopy, ESI mass spectrometry, and DFT calculations.