Everyone is responsible for his waste. Please help to avoid or reduce waste.

Collect all waste separately according to waste types in the appropriate containers.
Label all waste containers with standardized labels.

The waste container / label must show:
a. details on the contents of the container (no abbreviations or short names)
b. EAK-no. according to the table
c. pH-values (in aqueous media)
d. name of the person responsible (producer / workgroup)
e. hazard symbol(s)
f. date

Fill containers with liquid contents only up to 90%.
All containers must be closed tightly.
Deliver hazardous wastes to the hazardous waste storeroom (Lab1, Room 020).
It is forbidden to discharge harmful wastes into the sewage system.
Bottles containing residues of chemicals are hazardous waste. Please deliver them to the hazardous waste storeroom.
It is not possible to dispose of unknown chemicals, explosives, radioactive substances, substances reactive after low energy addition (impact, heat), unstable compounds and bottled gases.

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